AJL Chicken Bacolod 🍗

Chicken Inasal or Grilled Chicken is one of the many dishes that define Philippine cuisine. It is also one of the many Filipino dishes served by AJL Chicken Bacolod in Naga, Camarines Sur. This restaurant is a must-visit place if you have the taste for Filipino food.

The Place

AJL Chicken Bacolod is located at Petron, Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City. Before you can get to the restaurant, you have to pass through Coldshack—an ice cream shop also owned by the owners of AJL Chicken Bacolod.

When you’re inside the restaurant, you will feel a sense of “home” which suits the food they serve.

At night, everything lights up.

The Food

There is a wide variety of meals to choose from their colorful menu. They serve meals with rice to be enjoyed for one and platter meals for sharing.

They also serve soups, vegetables, desserts and other variants of rice such as the Java Rice. For the drinks, they serve carbonated drinks, fruit shakes, juices and tea.

For my visit, the rice meal that I ordered was the Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice. For my drink, I had a Sago’t Gulaman. As a big fan of the drink, I can say that AJL Chicken Bacolod serves one of the best Sago’t Gulamans in the city!

Fun fact: Sago’t Gulaman is a Filipino beverage made of brown sugar, water, gelatin, and tapioca pearls.


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